New Year, New Me?

No, no I think will improve what I am as opposed to changing into what I think others might want me to be. I am not slow enough to not think I am not heavily influenced by my peers, however, I happen to have peers who respect and love me enough to make sure I stay myself and not morph into a thing I was never meant to be.

Resolutions? No, I am going to have to go ahead and pass on those as well. I am not a big fan of lying to myself after all. I will try and do things to improve myself of course, but trying to say things will be different just because we completed an arbitrary period of time revolving around an inconsequential star in an inconsequential arm of an inconsequential galaxy seems to be rather idiotic to me.

You do you though kids.

I am going to sit back and watch the Rose Parade today, I have watched it every single year I have been alive, at least in some way. It is one of the few memories from my childhood that is unmarred and unstained. Then football, and then, well, it is just a Wednesday after all of that isn’t it?

Y’all love the people you love, hug the people you hug, kiss and smile and enjoy the day and that should be that, right?

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