I despise the first of April. I am not a fan of pranks on a good day and this is not a good day to pull them. I won’t whine too much about it, but if you try to fuck with me I will yell at you and most likely not talk to you for a while. If that is a thing you want, I mean, you can just ask and I will leave you alone and we don’t even have to have a fucking middleman.

I have no idea how many days it has been since I went anywhere. I think it was last week, but the days all kind of bleed into one another when they are all the exact same thing, except with different episodes of Supernatural being binge-watched after dinner every night. I know it is the right thing to do, I know it is a safe thing to do, but it is not precisely the most entertaining thing to do.

That all being said, stay your ass at home unless you absolutely need to go out and get thing s that are vital to get done, done. Sadly I am on that list of people today and I am not very happy about it, but it is what it is and I will do it as swiftly and as safely as I can before I come home and shove my hands into boiling water and hopefully not remember not to touch my fucking face.


Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to not touch your face when you have a six-inch beard? It is one of the perks of the damn thing. You stroke it and look wise and shit. I have been denied my beard rights and, again, while it sucks, I will both A.) Not touch my face until proper sanitation procedures have been taken care of and B.) Never shave the thing lest you all see what layeth beneath the shaggy Bear scruff, a thing I am not a fan of and will hide at all costs.

One Hour Later…

So let me tell you about the panic attack I am having/have had for the last hour or so now. I am, to the very marrow in my bones, absolutely terrified of going to the post office to get the required things I need to get. I am terrified beyond rational thought and there is absolutely nothing I can do to negate this in any way. There is no “just don’t go”. My best friend, who is both powerful and wise, talked me off the ledge as best as they could, but it is this dread that is sitting in the pit of my stomach like an anvil.

It is important to both admit the things I feel and face them the best I can because virus or no virus, there is no way I can simply stay inside forever. I can get a lot of things done via the Internet and my phone, but some things need to be done that can only be done at certain places on certain days.


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