So, Back To The Present

I am very happy, sitting here at twenty to nine on a Thursday morning listening to The Mamas and The Papas and Marvin Gaye and contemplating what, if anything, I am going to do today. I am pretty sure it will be virtually nothing, but even I surprise me from time to time. I suppose I should go out and do adult things, but we will see where the day takes me at the end of it all. My landlord gets it, so if I don’t mail things until tomorrow I am sure he won’t have a conniption.

I have to prepare for the visit of the Greater Evils from the Dark Plane tomorrow, so that should be fun to increasingly obsess over as the day turns into evening and their looming darkness draws nearer to those that I am sworn to love and protect. Plus, they are going to interrupt the football plans I have and that is a pretty douchebag thing to do in and of itself. I will, as I always have before, get through it and they will go back to the Void for another finite period until my will needs to be challenged once again.

That’s about it really, I don’t want to rant about the geopolitical climate and I surely don’t want to delve into the moralistic crisis I am in the middle of, so, yay!

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