Gentle Bear


A wise soul spoke to me this morning and I am in a place where I need to come to a decision involving something near and dear to my heart. It is about those people who are nearest and dearest to my heart that I need to make this decision regarding.

For more years than I can remember, I have called the Chosen of my mind and heart, my Tribe. I have called them this because when they are ill, I wish to tend to them when they have a need, I wish to give to them, and when they are hurt, I wish to give them succor.

I am not now, nor have I ever been a part of a recognized tribe of indigenous persons of this or any other country. The closest I could come to a non-nationality based affiliation is a Clan, in the Scottish sense, but my people were…asked…to leave Scotland long before anyone in my very old family kept track of such things.

I never saw the word as appropriated, then again, in all honesty, I never really gave it a great deal of thought, and that of course is the problem. I assumed my rightness in the matter and went on with what I desired to do without considering the consequences of the actions I was engaging in.

So I am sitting here this early afternoon and I am in a place where I need to change a thing that has been a core part of my being for as long as I can remembering being, a being.

I will not make a decision in the five minutes it takes me to type what I am writing, but I will indeed make a decision that I will no longer use a word that I could not use to describe people who are above and beyond my idiotic individuality.

I’ll be back with thoughts soon.

Remember to wash your hands, wear your masks, love one another, and as always, until next time, I bid you peace.

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