This is more of a Public Service Announcement than anything else, take it as anything else at your own discretion.

There is nothing more that I can do for you. I listened, I empathized, I cried with you, I made you laugh when you asked me to. I talked to your kids when you were unable to articulate the things you needed to say to them. There is only so far that I am not only able but willing to go for anyone that I do not share a deeper bond with. I don’t care if you think that sounds shallow or heartless, it is the way of things and if I gave my whole heart to everyone I would still be on the side of the church with a needle in my tongue.

I refuse to keep trying to drink from an empty cup. I can not take care of the three perfections I have and you at the same time.No, let me be even more direct. I WILL NOT do this.

I am not angry with you, that would infer that I have the emotional time to do that. No, we moved past angry the last time you had your husband talk to me and try to guilt-trip me into talking to you again. I am, as of now, simply indifferent to you.

Readers who see this, with the exception of the Prime Evils arriving today and the delights of a doctor’s appointment, I am fine, I am simply washing the dirt off.


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