I Don’t Even Have A Clever Lie Of A Title To Hide No Title Skills Today

I have been sitting here trying to figure out what to write and while the well isn’t precisely dry, I have a headache and it is making focusing hard. I get evil hay fever and since I never turn my air conditioner, the shit blows in my bedroom window. I woke up this morning swollen from eyebrows to the jaw and rolled my eyes a bit, found out that really hurt, and came downstairs and have been dealing with it since. It isn’t the worst thing in the world mind you, it is just really inconvenient when you want to do things like think or stand up quickly. However, as that is the most pressing thing in my life at the moment, I count myself blessed and will caterwaul about it no longer.

I think we are all, and I use the word we here rather liberally so forgive me if you are not included in this blanket statement, just tired. It is a thing we have never had to deal with, at least in a few generations, and we have nothing to do but play it by ear. Now, it is an easy enough thing to avoid contracting in truth. Follow what the CDC and WHO say in regards to Social Distancing and handwashing and that is the big chunk of the risks removed. Of course, there are always outlier factors, but I am not smart enough to tell you what those are and that is okay because I am going to do what I have to do to get me and mine through this, as I am sure you are doing for yours.

My son, the eldest who is distance learning, apparently does have spring break next week in direct contradiction to what the governor said, however, that is not on the head of my kid and he will not be punished for a fuck up far above anyone he is associated with pay grade.


I am probably going to record another CreepyPasta and will happily take requests for that, or any other thing really. Next week I will have both the time I always have and the quiet that I can get by removing myself from the main chaos of downstairs. I am a fan of doing it so if you can think of anything that I either have or can get my hands on, which is essentially anything, let me know and I will see what I can do. I know I have already asked this once, but maybe this time I will actually do the things.

So, I suppose that is that for now, my head is full of ow and I simply don’t want to look at the screen anymore.


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