A Piece In Which I Speak On Biblical Things Purely For Clickbait For A Story I May, and Most Likely Will Not, Write Later Today.

In the first book of the Christian bible, other than the “God just went click” moment, there are a few things that confuse me.

Yeah, my turn.

See, there is Enoch, who is the son of Cain and Awan who he met in the Land Of Nod.

There is Enoch, the great-great-grandfather of Noah.

Finally, there is the city of Enoch, which either Cain built and named after his son, or Enoch built and named after himself.

Now if we ignore the massive plot hole about the people of the Land of Nod existing at all when the only people, ever, lived in the Garden, you may wonder why the great-great-great-great grandson of Adam and Even was named the same thing. If you don’t care, welcome to the main point of what I am doing today.

Why is it that they, and they can be anyone, biblical or otherwise, throw shit like this at you and expect you to sheepishly open your brain and accept it like the drivel and pablum it obviously.

I mean, I was almost a priest and I thought it was kind of stupid then. I mean, when you throw in the Apocrypha books like the Apocalypse of Moses, which sounds like the best metal band ever, it kind of explains all sorts of shit, but no, not enough.

I suppose you can use Common Core as a replacement for anything biblical as it is just as obtusely written, but others gripe about that better than I do.

On a lighter, or a darker actually, note, I think I have a story brewing in the brain hole. I am pretty sure you can ascertain what it may entail based on what I am writing here, plus the fact I have been watching an obscene amount of Supernatural lately.

That’s for later though, for now, caffeine.

Oh Yeah, Migraine Day too…

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