Now, this is going to bother some people, and that is okay because I have emptied my cup of fucks for the day and I am going to speak my mind very clearly and to the point. I have tried patience, logic, medical records and even having doctors speak on the subject.

Migraines are not “just headaches”. Migraines are not something I do to get attention. They are not something I can turn off and on.

  • Yes, it does hurt all the time.
  • Yes, I do throw up all the time.
  • Yes, there is often blood in it.
  • Yes, I bleed through my goddamn ears and eyes sometimes.
  • Yes, I have spoken to my neurologist about possible brain surgery.

Before you run your motherfucking mouth about something you cannot possibly understand unless you suffer through them, shut the fuck up and educate yourself.

Carry On.

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