I have no idea why I am awake at a quarter after six on a Sunday morning. I am assuming it has something to do with the time change and the cosmic array aligned against me in every possible way of course. Thankfully I have my trusty computer and Snoop Dogg in my ear to guide me back to the path of the righteous. or maybe I am just writing so I don’t have to pay attention to my very wide the fuck awake children who seem to think that it is an appropriate time to both watch Netflix and challenge me to a game of Chess. While I applaud their taste in board games I must admit the timing is a bit off to get me at my peak form.

Today is all day football due to the game across the pond this morning so that will be pretty much all I do today, and I think that is for the best seeing as I don’t really want to do anything else at all. Not for any negative reason really, just kind of migrainey and all that. It is a lot better than it has been the last few days and that is the important thing. It isn’t gone, but it is gone enough that I can do human based activities that I can accomplish with some degree of success.

So, I have been writing this for twenty minutes and that massive collection of words is what I got, so, I mean, there.


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