Internet Currency, or How I Stopped Not Caring and Learned To Become Codependent On The Kindness Of Strangers Who I Need To Have Love Me With All They Are

I want to talk about Internet Currency.

No, not the eternally talked about cryptocurrencies that are going to reshape our tomorrow, but the standard Internet Currency that most of us are familiar with.


Now, I am guilty of this, as are all of you. Likes may not be your thing; maybe it is retweets, follow requests, reblogs, a thousand other things that validate you and your point in ways that make your dopamine receptors get all juicy and warm.

I want to tell you I am above such things, I do, but come on now, my self-worth is directly tied to how much people talk about the little words I put on screens, I am hardly going to try and deny my involvement and play innocent here.

While watching another grown man live out his childhood dreams of playing video games for a living last evening, he made a statement about this Internet Currency and how it has reshaped our psychology as humans, how it has made us even more loathsome in our ever-growing quest to have all the things and make all the people happy.

Now, it is ten minutes after five in the morning, and that is as far as the thought has gotten so far, I just wanted to write something, and this is the thing I fell asleep thinking about, so it is the thing I will help you start your day with.

It was that or the direct socio-political-economic control the Catholic Church has in the former colonial superpowers vast holdings across the world and how I was talking to a brilliant person yesterday who agreed that, well, Catholic is the most recent version of New Coke, on the way out to be sure.

Take that and chew on it and I will be back in a little while, meaning hopefully today, and I will finish one of them, maybe,


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