Siobhan opened her eyes to the Universe that she had created and found herself alone and nude on a beach of red sand under a dusky purple sky. It was cold, not bitterly so, but the Goddess felt the skin all over her body raised as the cool wind blew over her. Unworried and unhurried Siobhan stood from where she lay and found the sand fell from her easily and felt pleasant between her toes. In the distance, there was a smattering of buildings that felt like the place to go. With no hurry, Siobhan walked slowly, feeling the red sand move between her toes like water and the wind, still cold, was just enough to slightly move her hair from in front of her eyes and afforded her a better view of where she was going.

The buildings she slowly neared were of primitive construction, trees with animal skins lashed between branches to bring shelter from any elements, yet the wind could still whistle through as it pleased. The hides that hung on the branches were still dripping blood, freshly caught and skinned. They hadn’t removed the head of the beast that had been slaughtered and it’s eyes, pupils barely visible in all of the white of the eye told Siobhan it had died terrified, and it had been skinned whilst still drawing breath, if such a beast even did such a thing. Siobhan did not recognize the animal, although it seemed as if a half dozen animals had been combined within it to make the thing she saw now. She ran a finger down the cheek of the animal, the blood dripping down her hand as she did so, it’s warmth a reminder of how short a time it had been since it had been killed.

Walking from one construction to the next it appeared as if all of the skins were fresh, the kills an hour old at the longest. Cocking her head to the wind for a moment, Siobhan heard the unmistakable sound of drums in the very short distance. She followed the sound, slowly walking up a small rise in the crimson sand and stopped at the crest of the dune. Below was a small valley filled with thousands of beings. Tall, incredibly pale and nude beings who all were in perfect harmony with the drumming that some did, and the dancing that all the others appeared to be doing. Sitting softly in the red sand Siobhan watched as they performed.

No noises exited them no sounds of breathing, so screams or shouts or hatred or praise, just the drums and the synchronous sounds of the thousands of legs hitting the ground in unison. They danced and drummed, sometimes switching between one and the other and finally it appeared, after a rather long drug performance, that the act was finished. Siobhan maintained her place at the top of the hill, incredibly visible as the only being on such a dark hill. As they cleaned up their drums and formed tight groups, they walked slowly in her direction.

She stood up, and once again the sand fell from her like water and she clasped her hands in front of her and waited for them to notice her, or not notice her if that was their choice. It only took a minute or two before the leader of one of the groups saw her on the top of the hill and made a noise Siobhan could only guess was verbiage before all the groups dropped in unison to their knees and prostrated themselves before her. A single man still stood and he walked towards her and stopped a few meters before he got to her, bowed low and, his head still lowered, spoke to Siobhan His voice was raspy and broken, as if he did not use it very often and his tone was a formality that seemed familiar to Siobhan, yet she could not place the exactness of it at that moment.

“Grr.Greaat Gooddesssss. You honnnnor my Trribbeee.” The words were difficult for him. Siobhan walked towards the prostrate man and touched him on the shoulder and wordlessly bade him rise. He shook slightly as he did so and when he spoke again, whether it be her touch or his fortitude, the words were much clearer and seemed to be without the pain that came before.

“Forgive my earlier difficulties. We do not use the spoken words of The Outside very often. I am Xaosih, I am the speaker. It was foretold before time began that one of us would meet the Pale Goddess on the Red Hill and my family was chosen to be the speaker and ask you what we could do, humbly, to serve you.” As he finished, he took a deep breath and Siobhan knew then that he had practiced that line thousands of times and that is why it came out so smoothly.

Siobhan smiled softly, the tips of her top teeth showing through slightly parted lips. “Xaosih, you have done your duty well. You have proven to be prepared in your moment of testing and you have, in that, served your Goddess nobly.” The long tongue flicked out almost serpent-like twixt teeth. “Walk with me.” She did not look to see if the man followed, she knew he would. Siobhan spoke again, her voice was soft and for his ears only. “Tell Me Xaosih, when you were told that the Pale Goddess was to be on the Red Hill, was there anything else to the prophecy?” She had a memory of something in her mind that made her mouth water just a bit and smile as she asked the question.

Xaosih stood to his full height and Siobhan looked up into his eyes, eyes that gave away nothing and everything all at once. His voice now was loud, a shout that Siobhan knew he was using to tell the others as well as her.

“It was said that when the Pale Goddess came, all the tribe would serve her in the ways she desired. After three turns of the great skin, She would kill all but two of the Tribe. She would drink from their bodies and eat of their flesh. She would choose the new pair to go forth and make a new tribe and she would leave them with another prophecy for when she should return.” He said it with pride, not fear. He knew his whole life that he was to be food for a Goddess and he stood with honor and awaited his fate. The entire tribe had surrounded them now and were standing as tall as he.

Siobhan licked her lips with an expectant swipe of her long tongue and took the hand of Xaosih and kissed the back of it, her tongue wrapping around the hand twice before pulling back into her mouth and letting her taste him ever so slightly. Looking up to him she smiled and spoke.

“Tonight you will service me, then your mate and the strongest male will travel to a new land to begin the Tribe anew and I will feed. I will feed on your flesh and blood yes, but also on sex and power, fear and ecstasy. Come now, lay with your Goddess and fulfill your prophecy.”

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