There is an absolute simplicity to the way you start our morning, be your running out the door twenty minutes late, or like me today, sipping your coffee and staring at the possibilities of the day, it always starts off at that moment when your eyes open for the first time and there is nothing in your mind that is 100% confident you are awake, at least for that moment. Of course, it quickly fades, and you are thrust into the day in whatever way you either decide or have been chosen for you if you are perhaps not I a position where choice is yours.

On an average day, I get up a little before 4, a quarter til, in fact. I lay there in those opening moments in a stupor as most people do, and then the brain catches up with me, and I quickly go about the business of being a dad and a responsible adult. Sometimes I am granted the gift of an early cup of coffee. Other times, I need to wait about four hours until I am allowed that tasty beverage of magic beans. I get the Ducks ready for their day, Elder Duck being able to do all of the things, save wake his own ass up, by himself. Connorface and Babeh Duck are always in a good mood that early, and one of them inevitably spends a few hours on my lap as we wait for school buses.

When the weather is even vaguely warm, we go out onto the porch twenty minutes or so before the buses are due and listen to a combination of Sixties Surf Music, New Wave Jazz, Industrial Metal, and Grunge Rock. I smile as I enjoy my youngest sons rather eclectic music taste, and eventually his bus comes to scoop him away, Connorface follows suit shortly thereafter and then, and only then, do I take a gigantic breath of air and let it out slowly, knowing that for a few hours at least I can do the things I want to do as opposed to the things I need to do.

Almost every morning is like this, even weekends lately because my internal clock is so fucked up. Kids, Coffee, Breathing, Stuff. I am sitting this morning writing because I haven’t done it correctly in a little while now, but there are projects around the house that I have set myself, and I plan on getting them done.

See, I don’t want social media anymore.

It is terrible for me. I absorb hours and hours of it, and then I sit, and I think about it and how it applies to me, especially if there is no way it could apply to me, and it is just a bunch of new airplanes that I don’t need at the airport at all. I won’t delete the accounts, it is the only method I have for communicating with certain people. I don’t need to go to the sites to use those features, however. Some apps can be used for the messaging aspects, and I will concentrate my energies there when I want to. My blog auto-posts to them so I will not say I will have no presence, but a minimal one. I will send happy birthday messages and that kind of thing, but for the most part, it will be a very back burner kind of thing for me to be sure.

I have decided, at nearly forty years of age, that I need to get my ass in gear and do the things I have been talking about doing since my twenties.

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