Neart stretched her arms over her head and opened her eyes slowly. She had just had a delicious nap and the most fantastical dreams. She stood slowly and cracked the vertebrae down her back and threw her arms out wide as her wings burst from her back in an explosion of metallic glory. Looking about her, Neart saw that she was in a forest of some kind. From the corner of her eye, she caught movement on the forest floor below her and was thrilled to see thousands of her sisters and brothers scurrying over the forest floor. She immediately laid upon the ground and closed her eyes in near lust as she felt tens of thousands of legs move over every inch of her naked flesh, examining her, tasting the supple skin and happily realizing that she was of them and they of her. They climbed over her face and in and out of her open mouth. They skittered over bare breasts and long expanse of thigh and leg.

A sound erupted from the forest beyond and like water on a fire the sisters and brothers of her soul disappeared off of her in absolute terror. They flung themselves from her as if she were fire and Neart’s ire was raised that she would have this reunion with those of her loves interrupted. She stood quickly, careful not to crush any of the still fleeing masses and slowly made her way toward the sound that scared them all so badly. It was a heavy forest, but nothing dark or heavy about it. The sky was a splash of violet above her and the leaves on the trees and pale gold that was intoxicating to behold.

Her eyes scanning the forest ahead, Neart noticed that the forest became more and devoid of life, either flora or fauna. The forest thinned and finally, there was a clearing. A circle of mud and blood and the remains of all the animals of the forest and worst of all, piles of her brothers and sisters, carefully crushed and displayed so that their final moments of terror could be seen clearly in their yes for those who knew what to look for when seeing them.

Neart did not notice her wings sprout from her back, the adrenaline or rage coursing through her as she let a bestial scream erupt from her throat. It was of pain and rage, sorrow and a promise of vengeance for all the things that had been slaughtered and not eaten, not used, just left to rot in a circle in the middle of a forest. Her scream still echoed in her ears as she saw the thing that had done all this come into view.

A tall being came from the other side of the clearing. His muscles rippling as he moved towards her, his body covered in scars and blood, fluids she could not identify dripped from the thing that must be its face. dozens of eye-stalks stood from the skin, a gaping maw of a mouth that was filled with teeth beyond count, each flat and worn down as if it had used all of them to eat and kill that which was around them now. It was a green and brown, a camouflage Neart assumed and it came toward her quickly, drool and vile things still dripping from its face. When Neart was going to charge, she heard it speak, if it could be called that. It was raw and full of hate, rage, and nothing good for the world.

“You. You come from Her. You come from Whore Queen who made me this. You are a demon and must be killed. You will not take this. This MINE!!” He gestured around him as he finished he attempts at a sentence. His rage was a palatable thing and Neart could not think through the white hot anger that ran through her now. She had just heard thins…thing, blaspheme the Dark Goddess and such a soul could not be allowed to exist in any way. She walked towards him, no fear or hesitation as she did, her voice as she began speaking got louder with every step towards the thing.

“You will not be. You cannot be. You will not take the beauty of Siobhan’s majesty and create this charnel house you have tried here. You will be taken down to blood and lesser things and the world will feed on you and you will give back that which you have stolen for all time.” Neart did not draw a weapon, she did not fly over him, she met him there in the middle of that clearing and as he reached back to crush her with pummeling arms, she reached straight into his mouth and grabbed the swollen and thick tongue that wriggled within and with a strength her Goddess had given her, ripped her arms backwards, the tongue snapping with an audible sound, the black blood pouring from the mouth like a fountain.

Neart smiled at the delightful mess, her body covered in the hot fluid that dripped off everything from her nose to the backs of her feet. “Now that we have silenced the blasphemy from your mouth, we will not water this circle and make it a place of life again.”

Both arms shot our and grabbed the forest of eye stalks and pulled, each of them popping off one at a time, the sounds of his agony music to her as she littered the ground with his remains as he had with so many others.

“Now that you can’t see the beauty you have destroyed here, you are useless to everyone.” Even as she finished the sentence the wings once again sprung from her back and she turned in a delicate spin and felt each of the razor sharp feathers bite into him and them move through with no resistance after the initial hit. As she turned fully to face him again, the chunks and slices of him fell to the ground in a pile of filth, meat and rotten waste.

“We will now feed.” As she finished her words she could feel the thousands descend into the circle with her and as she picked up its heart in her hands and wrapped her tongue around it, her red eyes opened wide and the pleasure of the kill took her and she dropped to the ground, her sisters and brothers by the millions coming to her, eating it, drinking from her, making all clean and ready, the feast was on and no one dared interrupt the chose of Siobhan again.

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