Not Always Dark

Companions On A Journey

There are days where we sit and we mope over what we have lost, either by our choices, or their designs. We sit and we weep, yes weep, and what we had and do not have any longer. Sometimes it takes a perfume on the breeze, sometimes it takes a strong drink, sometimes all it takes is a picture.

Do this. Do this and feel no shame in it. These people were VITAL to your life at one point or another, why shouldn’t you mourn their loss in it? Would you not miss a hand that had once helped you write when it was gone? These people were integral to the survival of your spirit at one point. Perhaps they WERE the survival of your spirit.

I don’t write poetry anymore, for the most part, the taste of it is ash in my mouth for the most part, but when I still did, I remember I would draw on these Lights in my life, both before and after their parting, and they would guide me down avenues of similes, metaphors, and verses basic and angelic both. Never be ashamed of pain, it, like so many other things, can guide you to greatness.

There are warnings before these moments sometimes, as easy as days of the year and the taste of a meal in a certain place. Sit in these feelings, welcome them like the old lovers they are to you, and ask them to join you. Remember the beauty in the memory they are there to remind you of. When they stand and try to overcome you with their cloying nostalgia, maudlin longing or even the darker thoughts and feelings love and it’s friends being with it, that is when you need to leave the table and leave them to the hollowness of their empty words and painful remembrances.

How Bear? Why Bear? No Bear!

If we ignore the past we are doomed to repeat it, if we do not remember the good of what was we will fall into the traps of the bad that was its best friend that stood with it that entire time.

I have more things I want to say today, but for now I think that will be enough.

I bid you peace, and love, and light.

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