So, unless there is a clusterfuck like there was yesterday, of which I will write extensively about later, there will be a flood of writing coming from here over the net ten hours or so. I don’t even care if it is particularly well-written at this point, one needs to empty the brain of the airplane fuel, the Air Traffic Controller said a thing yesterday that will help me navigate my way through the thoughts of the day.

I just needed to write something and, because I am me, apologize for the lack of things because that is what I do, apologize for situations that are vastly out of my control and it makes me feel more motivated not to let people down again. Yeah, I know, it isn’t what most people would call the best mindset for the entire process, but I am not exactly what you would call a person who does things in the best interests of themselves.

Voice things will be coming this weekend. I am going to record some sonnets and hopefully, the first act of something Shakespeare. Lovecraft sounds appealing too, as does another Creepypasta. We shall see. I think I will have more than enough time.

Edward will find what is behind the door, Siobhan will make progress towards her endgame, and another story is percolating as we speak that may make its initial appearance to see if anyone wants to look at it that isn’t named Bear.

Plus the rantings and ravings of me about things as delightful and varied as Internet Currency, Bus Company Failures, Seizures, Migraines and Nonconsensual Giving Of My Few fucks.


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