Then, When The Chariot Arrived, The General Bravely Boarded It and Went To Fight Battles I Could Scarce Imagine

So, I am sitting here, and it is precisely twenty-two minutes after eight. This time yesterday my Connorface hadn’t been picked up yet, never mind both of them like they have been today. Now, I understand that the first week of school has to be hell for the drivers getting used to routes they may not have taken, getting kids settled in the buses. Both of my little guys are special needs too, so those buses are even more specific on what needs to happen and how fast and the like. I am not a monster who thinks that the paper they printed out before they had assigned drivers to the routes is the end-all of things and if you move from it a moment, then you should be cast into the hellfire of damnation.

However, this is not just a tale of delay, after all.

I called the bus garage as hour three of my vigil neared. I didn’t expect to hear that, and you can’t make this up, the woman who was supposed to come and get my son was sitting in the parking lot of a fast-food place having a bite to eat. Apparently, she had been for quite some time. I don’t know if she didn’t realize they LoJack all the buses, or if she didn’t care, but when they called her out over the radio, while I am on the phone, and fired her on the spot, I was a little surprised. Yes, she was at Burger King while she was supposed to be picking up my son for his first day of school and instead he was almost three hours late, and that does not sit well with me.

Upon hearing the driver was no more, I casually asked when I could expect another, and the man sighed like I had asked him for his last bottle of water after the bombs have fallen and says that he will get one out to me in about five minutes. At this point, I know I cannot scream at this man because the odds are 100% I will have to interact with him again. I calmly thank him for his time and, as promised, a bus arrived five minutes later to scoop up the now rather pissy BabehDuck and take him on his way.

Am I the asshole for being mad here? I mean, he showed up to school just before they had lunch, on his first day. That is a rage-inducing allowance thing.

However. We breathe deep, we kick back, and we let it go because it consuming me is not on the menu for the day.

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