Analysis Of Stupidity, Greed, And The Avarice Of The Human Condition In A Little Under Six-Hundred Words

Now that my headache has reduced itself to a passively dull roar, I think I can get to the writing of things that I have been meaning to write for nigh on a week now with absolutely no success. I am going to have to ask you to go on a little trip with me today because I am pretty sure that some people are going to disagree with my interpretation of the motives I will discuss, and that is fine as we are all entitled to our opinions on the matter and, given the subject matter I admit my bias is about as high as it can get.

So, in the words of my beloved witch Corrine, Let’s Get Started Shall We?

I spend far too much time on Facebook for my own good, I know this. I also write about my late wife a great deal. However, as of late, Facebook has been using the latter because of the former, as you can see from the picture below.


Now, I am sure some of you will roll your eyes a bit and say that this is a sweet thing, and as I said this is your opinion. However, after conducting a little experiment, I am pretty sure that it was targeted advertising and that does not sit well with me in any way, shape, or form.

Death Profiteering.

These people/this person/this company has decided that what they want to do is get men, and I am going to assume there are opposite societal gender equivalents, to spend money based on the grief and emptiness they feel as they think of the passing of their loved one.

Now, I will again admit I am very close to this and am biased beyond words. That having been said.

How fucking dare you pick the lowest motherfucking hanging fruit on the goddamn tree and try to siphon money from people who have lost more than is even imaginable.

How fucking dare you try to make me pay so I can wear a thing that tells the world that I love and miss my fucking wife. I am well aware of what I miss, people who know and love me are well aware of what I miss and I do not feel the need to advertise my pain to make you a goddamn dollar.


Now, the experiment I conducted is that for a few days I browsed Facebook solely with the account that is connected to my web page and not me personally. I did not get these ads a single time. Following that, I spent three days counting how many times I saw this ad and when all was said and done after three days I had seen it sixty-seven times.

Sixty. Seven. Times.

I understand how targeted advertising works as much as the standard layperson, but doesn’t a near 70 impression count to a single source over 72 hours, on both PC and Cell, seem a bit much? I need to see the ad nearly once an hour on average? I need to have you hammer the nail into my heart roughly that many times and, what, Ia m supposed to buy your shirt to make the pain stop?

I am pretty sure if that was how it worked I would have bought a fucking coffee cup over the last half-decade or so that my wife has been gone thank you very much.

Thank you for reading, I needed to get that out of the way.


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