Since I Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup, I Will Empty Some Of The Bitter Liquid

Yeah, I know the titles of these things are getting straight-up insane, but it gives me a fraction of joy to do it, so I am afraid they are going to stay that way until I have no further use for them. Besides, the writing isn’t always precisely bright and attention-grabbing, and I have to make you click on the damn link, to begin with.

The Lord High Air Traffic Controller made a request of me yesterday and I, duty-bound to listen to all things from such a high ranking official, did a thing I will put at the end of this little thing here where I tell you I am going to cut swathes of people out of my life.

As I say in the thing you are about to listen to, if you want to be one of my People, you will be. Same as if I want to be yours. Those people who have not, well, it is time for them to go away and for the real people to get a chance to stand forward and be counted.

Not literally, I don’t want comments of you telling me I am your friend or any of that shit, nope, the decisions are made, the appeal process is nonexistent and I wish you all that were removed in one way or the other nothing but peace and happiness in all you try to accomplish and may She look upon you with grace and favor.

I won’t be here the first chunks of today, so I will either not write anything story-wise today at all, or it will be later this afternoon when things have settled a bit, and I carefully avoid the pitfalls of Barnes & Noble. We all know how good I am at that so perhaps I will laugh at myself later and show the thing I shouldn’t have bought that I inevitably did.

So, Uhm, yeah.


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