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A Beginning From An Ending

As opposed to the esoteric of yesterday, we will cut to the bluntness of today.

I ended a relationship today because I could not, for the sake of all involved, pretend that everything was okay when it simply was not. Love is an easy thing, love is always the easy thing. It is simply not enough, it has to be backed by so very much and I simply don’t have it to give anymore. I don’t have any degree of fucks, spoons, care, or whatever other mot du jour people use for an absolute lack of ability to produce the correct emotional response in a given situation.

I did not enjoy what I had to do, I do not relish the things that still need doing on the road ahead.

You know what though?

Fuck all y’all if you are mad about that shit.

For YEARS you have been telling me that I need to look after myself and my people and all that. While my deepest People who I trust implicitly keep telling me this and other positive things, some of you motherfuckers smell blood in the goddamn water and you just need to be all up in that shit like it has anything to do with you.

Yeah, bitch, I’m talking to your Ivy League ass.


So yes, I am at the end of a thing, but I think that I am also at the beginning of being able to take care of myself and, if you are all as right as I know you tend to be, that is something I should pay attention to.

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