With only a very small handful of exceptions, every one of my closest and dearest friends is a woman. This has been the case for the majority of my life. I am sure you can say I gravitate towards women because I need a positive female influence when I had none growing up, but at the end of the day, I feel safer, happier, and more of a complete human being when I have those who identify as women in my life.

I try to tell the women in my life who are comfortable hearing it that I love them every day. I know that might sound odd to a lot of you, but I know from experience that you never know what is going to happen and you should tell your people that you love and you care for them as often as you can. You should tell them you appreciate and cherish them as often as you can because not only is it the right thing to do, it is a thing that you will regret not doing one day, I guarantee you this.

I can get very annoying with it, I am very well aware. I say it after I argue with someone, I say it after I have to rebuke my children, hell I think I tell my cat I love her a lot. There just never, to me personally, is a bad time to tell a human being that you have that level with that you love them.

It is Monday, a week after I turned forty years old with blessedly little fanfare for the occasion. I have to go to the store and buy food, I get to go out into the sun that, for reasons I am still computing I am very happy to see today and, most importantly, I get to write this and hopefully the little story idea that I have been chewing on the last few days that I hope I can make a thing and get my creativity started to where I want it to be again.
Writing about the current medical climate occurred to me until I remembered two very important pieces of information.

First, I know nothing about medicine, virology, epidemiology or anything that could have any insightful information on what is going on right now. I leave science to the scientists and I try to make them smile when I get a chance to with jokes and very bad flirtatious overtures.

Second and most importantly, I have a habit of going to very dark places when I write and I am of the opinion that doing that right now is kind of stupid in relation to medical things, so unless it is a plague that only affects vampires, or a rot from within only the truly Fae can experience, you will have my silence on the matter and nothing more.
I have no advice, no homespun hippie awesome things, I am just Bear, and Bear is not a man of letters that are attached to words longer than some books.

So, until next time my Gentle Readers, know that I do indeed love you all and I will make sure to maybe actually write some things this week so all of you will know that I still have what it is that you all I say that I have, or at least I will try my best to do that thing.


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