The Early Afternoon Of A Tuesday, Day Zero Of The New.

Today One Foot Gets Placed Down, Tomorrow Another…

One of the biggest problems I have always had with self-care is that I am incredibly impatient and feel that everything should just happen because I want it to. This childlike thinking has made me a victim of my own creativity for years now and while I am not saying I am all good, I am saying that I am acutely aware of the problem and at least I can make sure to be cognizant of things and take my time where I need to and focus on the long game instead of the short-term gain I might get from anything quick, fast, and in a hurry.

So the beginnings of the plan are to simply evaluate, to breathe. However, that second one is not easy for me when it is hot, which my body considers anything over seventy, and today is hot even for most normal people. So I will do what I absolutely have to do, but then I will relax as much as I can so I don’t exacerbate the head issues that always come with heat and humidity. I have some projects in the house, even a few in my bedroom, I can attend to if the heat gets too bad, but I am fairly certain I can make it to the end as long as I exercise a great deal of care.

There is a line in the seminal classic, Dune by Frank Herbert that merely says that “The beginning is a very delicate time.” and I have never found that to be false. So at the beginning of this journey, I want to be gentle and delicate in what I plan, and yet share with you so that I can be held accountable to a certain degree.

I am sure that most of the long-time readers have noticed I have been writing nearly every day, which is a trend I am pretty sure I can continue into the foreseeable future. It is a way for me to take a deep mental breath and let my mind wander as I write the words my brain shoves into my fingertips. I have been writing a lot of these hyper-personal things and I will continue that, but I will intersperse with some creativity or another so that I can make sure that part of my brain stays as sharp as it is ever going to be.

Faeries, Serial Killers, Magic, Darkness, Sex, Blood. All the classics. I never meant to abandon all of them the way I did, I think they all deserve a little love so I will be revisiting at least most of them. I have been thinking of another Dantesque project like with what I did with Inferno. I don’t know if I could handle Purgatorio and Paradisio, but there are a thousand stories waiting to be retold. And poems to be written and read. Scary stories to make the heart pitter-patter a little harder. Sex to make the nights go faster, Death to make you remember it isn’t forever.

For now, though, I am going to write a few people, watch my kid play Minecraft, and wait for the huge retail therapy present I bought myself.


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