They call it retail therapy. It is a pretty self-explanatory thing actually, you buy things, get a rush, stabilize your mood, all of the good things.

Now, I normally don’t drop as much as I did yesterday but to see Brett having fun with it all is all that matters. What, you thought you had to buy a thing for yourself in order to feel better?

Giving is, and what has always, and what will always, make me feel like the most complete human being I can possibly be in every way. So if I can buy my sons a thing that will make them go all giddy with little kid laughter, then that is as soothing as if I had received the gift myself. Yes, it is an expensive way to feel better, but the efficacy of it simply cannot be denied in any way.

It isn’t all about self-observation, delving into the very center of your being, and being more aware of the self. Sometimes it is looking at your seventeen looking idiotically happy as he tries to not throw up experiencing VR for the first time.

So, as I sit here and listen to the Machines Get Raged Against, I will smile and now that all of it is worth it because if my children are happy, then there is nothing more I can do to take that step forward for the day that I have to take.

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