I have been the toxic person before. I have been the person that people needed to get out of their lives because I was negative and dragging them to a place where they did not want to be. I do not say this as a boast or to call out the people who decided that they were better without me, I say it because I know what it is like to be the bad thing in someone’s life, I know what it looks like because it used to stare at me in the mirror.

I have been dropping toxic people from my life lately. My mental health is more important than them. It will always be more important than they are and there is no amount of guilt they can use on me to convince me otherwise. Trust me, they will try, and they are REALLY good at it.

Suicide threats, threats to tell your secrets to mutual acquaintances, gaslighting and a thousand other things that only horrible people do.

No more, no fucking more.

I am not the emotional jizz rag for people who remember I exist when they get really sad, or lonely, or bored, or need money, or any of the other shitty fucking things that they do.

Yeah, that’s it.

More story time later.


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