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I Am Pretty Proud Of My Word Choice Here

Today is a “My Own Summer” day.

I listen to this song when I need to wipe the world of my mind for a little while and concentrate on the Bear.

Physically it is a rough day, we lost power yet again last night and the humidity and the Bear have never liked one another, and the swamp-rot, water-laden, hell-cursed, skies of Western New York have apparently decided to make sure that I drink water by the gallon, and sweat like a slattern woman of the evening in the House of one of the many One True Gods

I listen to the song over and over again and try and find some balance. I can do it with a lot of songs, I just chose Angry White Boy Rock today. Sometimes I go to Radical Feminist Power Metal, but today is simply not that day. Today is angry and I am okay with feeling that way.

Sure, I am a little miffed I got absolutely zero feedback on the thing I wrote, but I am also fully cognizant of the facts that I am neither a sun despite my rather significant voluminousness and people’s lives do not revolve me and my silly little internet blog.

Mostly I am outraged that the world is a gigantic ball of shit. I mean, I am pretty sure we all are at this point, right?

I will pontificate and whatnot later I am sure until then, wash your hands, socially distance when you are not staying the fuck at home, protect yourself in the heat, and until next time, I bid you peace.

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