Venenum’s Crusade

Each face in the room took on a snarling countenance as they saw and immediately recognized the filth in the picture Delilah showed them.

Desdemona spoke first, all hints of her happiness erased in an instant with two simple words. “Moon Beasts.”

Now, Moon Beasts was a name their father used, hence they did, but the rest of the world, human and otherwise, called them the ever-popular moniker of Werewolves. Cursed and broken things that were once men of shamanic power that gave away their humanity for the ability to shape themselves into the feral dogs they worshiped. Most humans knew that par, and if you got attacked you joined their ranks, but unlike the Vampires, the Moon Beasts were sadistic in their hunting tactics. In medieval Europe, it was an easy enough thing to deal with if a Saxon village disappeared, but the money The Authority had to spend when they had eaten, literally eaten, the entire population of Fresno, California had been immense. They had moved tens of thousands of people over the course of a few days. Money had been paid to everyone, everywhere. It had taken hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of hours to make it right.

That was just a single pack of these monstrous fiends.

Delilah took a deep breath and began her report, she had not been looking forward to this since she received the news this morning. It wasn’t a question of “winning” or “losing”, there was no way for them to lose this, it was the cost, in money and political favor, to clean up whatever disaster these mindless savages made.

“This picture was taken by one of the scouts we assigned to Southern California after the disaster in Fresno. Obviously, there is only one in this photo, but if it is the same pack, there will be forty to fifty normal beasts and at least three to five alphas. It is the full moon too so while the humans may believe what they will about when the things come out, we all know all the full moon does is make them a dozen times stronger than they usually are…”

“Sister Stop.” The voice was full of the power it had always had the potential to have, but never shown. Venenum stood up and walked into the room proper, his features shown for the first time to all of them in countless hundreds of years, his taking refuge in the darkness accepted by all of them as wanting to hide his visage as a matter of personal honor. The candle flames all turned a violent green and cast the room in a hideous light, the shadows showing more than what was there.

Venenum stood in front of them now next to Delilah. He towered over her by nearly two feet yet the hunch in his back and the ravage scars of the Church made him seen almost her height. He had lost one eye long ago in Sheba fighting for the people who would eventually betray him. His feet had been misshapen and broken in the Inquisition, his right arm withered and rotting due to a curse from a Witch in Medieval France. he could have looked like a sculpted Greek god if he chose to, no damage to them was permanent, but he allowed his wounds to stay, to remember the failures and not repeat them. He was and had always been, the chief of the forces that went to war for their kind in times of need.

“We will not buy people. We will not move people. We will not make calls to the damn men in suits. No. Not this time.” His voice was full of hatred and bile. His first wife having been taken by the beasts in Rome and eaten slowly over months, which she was still alive and in agony.

“I will go to California immediately, you will make the usual accommodations for me Delilah. I will take Drysun with me and we will take care of the Moon Beasts.” Delilah began to speak and Venenum raised his good hand and shook his head. “I did not ask this Delilah, I am the Marshall of the Forces as our Father made me, I will take the fight to the enemy. This conversation is over.” The flames on the candle exploded all at once and the room was bathed in the darkness of their brothers’ mood.

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