Broken Brain

The Wrong Word Will Cause Chaos Unending, The Right Will Brings Bounteous Joys Everlasting.

I have what I have heard called a flowery vocabulary. I very purposely use the archaic words from days long past. Not because I am a hipster, despite what the beard may tell you, but because the words not only sound better, they have a sharpness to their meaning that words today simply tend to gloss over. I like to believe that they are far more specific. I am a word nerd, I refuse to continue to use the term Grammar Nazi, and I love the interplay of language. If you change a single word ina single paragraph you go from exultation to rending your garments. A correct word, at the correct time, is what we need more of in this world.

Examples? Would I write if I couldn’t elucidate and pander to the highest denominator?

Take the archaic words Thee, Thou Art, Aye, Ye, etc. Now while they can be thrown in for romantic and dramatic effect, and I readily admit to doing this often, the best reason to use them is to indicate with an absolute surety who you are talking to, or about. I can say that “You are the best.” or I can say “Thou art the best.” Why would I want to? Sometimes you need to add extra to conversations because you want the person you are talking to, to know that you are thinking of them so much, concentrating on them so strongly that you are willing to change the century of your verbiage to say what you need to say.

Let’s see, what else? Ah, yes.

I cannot stress enough that you all need the word verily in your life. For you Latin aficionados, you may be thinking veritas, and you are right, kind of. There is also some awkward Old High German for very and, well, I digress. It is easy enough to tell someone to “Trust Me, I Got This”, but it is far more specific, and yes maybe a little more pedantic, to say, “Verily, I Can Handle This.” It again shows that you are focused on the situation and not just repeating mealy-mouthed hyperbole that is readily digested by the masses. It says that you are focused, alert, and maybe you have a little flair that they may not have known about.

Yes, had I not been a drug dealer in high school, I would have got my ass kicked a lot for all of this. Plus…*ahem*…Verily, I am aware of the pugnacious and officious air that might be suspected of thee when enunciating said delicate verbiage from times of yore.

All joking aside, use words that you don’t use often to simply add variety to your language. My favorite word, and the story that accompanies it, will hopefully encapsulate this somewhat.

I call my best friend a Conduit. Not a particularly sexy word, but the definition fits them like a second skin. From Merriam-Webster:

a natural or artificial channel through which something is conveyed.

Yes, in every way yes. Well, not every way as they are not artificial at all, but I understand you have to throw in both. Their power and wonder are given to them by the Goddess, Herself. A natural channeler of Her power and wisdom. I cannot find a way to use this word more aptly than I do here. No, you get no more details. They are both immaterial to the conversation and there is power in words about such things.

Go out, find your words, scream and chant and sing and cry them out from everywhere and anywhere and know that there are ALWAYS people who will appreciate them.

As always, until next time, I bid you peace.

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