It will be an abbreviated day here at the Bear Cave. For reasons most likely only known to the budgeting department of the school district, both of my little guys are off today as well as Monday where their brother needs to go today. He wasn’t that upset about having to go to school today, so I guess it isn’t a total wash. I am using the few minutes I have in between switching YouTube videos to jot this little thing down and tell you about some plans that I am working on.

Pater Noster, the newest series I started, is going to be a massive thing for me. I already have some decent feedback on it, and I am thrilled that I can write more about the delightfully subversive ladies and gentlemen you will soon meet. It is a subject that not only do I enjoy writing about, and I do enjoy it a great deal. It is also something I am actually educated on first hand, so there is a delightful sense of irony involved in the whole thing. The main character being named James is purely coincidental…obviously.

The beautiful Siobhan returned, and I am taking a long breath and writing the stories, not just better, which I always feel I can do. I am also writing them considerably longer than I usually do to keep the reader more engaged with the text. I have a terrible habit of writing super short stories when they should be longer. I despise writing dialog, and to extend some of the things I do, well, the people need to talk to one another. I will be working on this a great deal in the days and weeks to come.

I have not forgotten about CreepyBear, the recordings of Creepypasta stories that other wonderful authors have written. They are simply difficult to do because between recording and editing the audio, it is a multiple hour process. I have the time, yes, I just rarely have the quiet that is required to get it done. As much as I would love to have my screaming children in the background for effect, I am thinking it might unduly detract from the story being read.

There are also the Sonnets, Poems, Stories, and various other things I have either begun to record or have plans of recording. I need to make sure to tell myself that I am on no one’s schedule, and when they get done is just fine and dandy, and there is no rush to do anything that I wasn’t paid to do. I mean, it sounds crass, but if I am going to volunteer to do a thing, yelling at me when I don’t get it done in your particular time frame makes one of us look like an asshole. I will give you two guesses who the asshole is here. Everything will get done when it is supposed to, I know this.

Plus, there are these things where I just write because it is a joyous thing to do, and it exercises the mind. I love it and will write as often as I can, and yes, from time to time, I will take whole weekends, maybe even full weeks off. My mental health and my children are important to me, far more critical than little words on a computer screen.

All that having been said, I think I should go before the tin-pot dictator I call my youngest Duck screams loud enough to wake the dead.


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