A little something today, but I am going to take the day off to prepare for the snowstorm and all that. I don’t really care that we are getting a foot of the delightful magic cold powder, but apparently it is a thing for other people so I will respect their feelings and not frolic in it naked just right now. I can never promise I will not, I will promise to give it the ol’ college try and see what happens at the end of the day.

I have very strong feelings about this holiday we celebrate today, however, the air pressure dropping with the rapidity that it is currently preventing me from elucidating on the subject matter as I would like and I will write soon how the Bear, the pacifist of pacifists, loves all who have or will serve. Reasons you will suspect, and others you may raise an eyebrow at or the like.

However, my loves, that is for a day that is not today, I am going to go and do the things and prepare and all of those things people in the cold places do before cold places events.


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