I had a migraine this afternoon so I went to lay down, shortly thereafter I received a message from someone asking a favor when I told the person that I could not do said favor until when my head calmed down I was told that my reproductive glands needed to enlarge and get it done for them because that is what real men do.

So. Let’s go ahead and break this down, like a lot, especially for the people in the back.

I suffer from something known as status migrainosus, also known as intractable migraine. To vastly oversimplify the definition, it is a migraine that lasts longer than 72 hours that the normal things, such as medication, trigger removals, and even sleep have very little, if any, appreciable effect. Normally I would link you to some very good medical sites that discuss this, but it is a quarter after one in the fucking morning, I still have the migraine, and I am more than a little pissed off at the moment. Google is your friend.

Now, when I say I went to lay down I do not mean I took a little power nap in the afternoon on a Saturday. No, when I say I went to lay down what I mean is that I went upstairs, threw up everything I had eaten that day and crashed into my bed and tried very hard not to believe I was going to stroke out. I then awakened periodically to vomit and go to the bathroom until you see me here, unable to sleep and sitting in my living room typing this fucking thing on Easter Fucking Sunday morning.

The person sending the message is not as important as both what they asked and their response. They asked me, as they often do and I gladly agreed to, to look into an issue with their webserver to see if I could figure out why App A was causing Problem B. Seeing as I break my computer on a daily basis, I empathize and I help because it is the right thing to do. However, upon being told that I was down for the count as it were, they responded by telling me I needed to grow a pair and get it done because that’s what a real man would do.

We’ll talk about the obvious idiocy that is compounded multiple times in that particular phrasing another time, I promise.

I did not respond, I did, however, block said person and voluntarily remove myself from any and all accounts they allowed me access to by deleting the accounts that they had made for me for access and password resetting their chief administrator account so it could not be said I had access any longer. I then screamed into my pillow for a few minutes before falling asleep/passing out again for a few hours.

I don’t care if you both do not believe or do not understand my migraines. I do not care anymore and all of the aforementioned behaviors and similar strains thereto will be treated, henceforth, identically.

I’m going to find some very bland food to eat and drink a lot of water.

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