A Touch Of Lightness

I think the fact that I am making myself write each morning is best. It allows me to get some things off my chest that I have been thinking of all night and to say things I might change my mind about if given enough time in the middle of the day. That wasn’t a precursor or something, just a statement of fact. You give me enough time to think about something and I will henpeck the shit out of it until it is nowhere near the thing it was going to be when it first sprang, like Athena, fully formed from my skull parts.

I sat and watched four hours of basketball. Now, while most of that time that might be a non sequitur leading into a joke, no, I really sat and watched “The Basketball Tournament” from noon onward. I didn’t watch it because of some macho starved for sports reason, I sure as hell didn’t do it for some weird love of the game, I think I did it because I could not honestly tell you the last time the television in my living room was on and not tuned into a video game or a streaming service. Watching ESPN, where the hapless tournament took place, was bizarre to a level of fear. I haven’t watched TV at all since the COIVD crisis began and I didn’t know there were things like “Official COVID Testing Sponsors” to things now. Although I suppose it makes sense when you apply a little thought to it.

As I watched the games being played, a few things began to be remarkably evident.

Firstly, oh wow did I not remember how much I didn’t like basketball. No, it is not a boring sport. No, I am not going to rail against it. I just realized how not me the sport is. I am a “slam your body into another human being until they are forced to admit you are the superior being” kind of sports guy. Whereas I can see the beauty of the sport and appreciate athleticism, it is not me.

Secondly, I am not an expert on the sport, as I most likely made apparent a moment ago, but Goddess these dudes were not the NBA and it was obvious to the point of hilarity. I know enough about the game to realize that the speeds were off. They were busting ass and I could never do it, let us set that bonafide up right away. They just seemed very molasses-like compared to <insert current NBA good person>. However, what I did like is that some of these dudes play ball at the YMCA and they are out there versus the top-tier, non-professionals.

I laid in bed for hours and last night and wanted to sleep and then, about way too late to care fifteen I decided to just kind of go with it and sat up and burned some incense and did some ritual, which I have been neglecting overly much. I felt much better after saying what I needed to say and then within half an hour, I was asleep. Mind you the littlest of my dudes opened my bedroom door an hour later and belly-flopped onto my bed, but one gets used to such things after a while.

Here I sit now, coffee at the ready, brain in scramble mode, and I wait to see the adventures a Sunday on July brings.

I am going to close with the oldest school of the goodbyes for the Gentle Readers who have been here the longest.

Goddess Blessings to all of you and, until next time, I bid you peace.

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