My brain wants to keep telling me it is Monday, but thankfully I have an array of doodads that tell me the day is in fact Tuesday. I am not happy with the brain lately, so, why don’t I rant about that for a while, could be fun right?….Anyone?

I wrote over the weekend of a Crisis I had that ended up with me needing to reach out in a way that I am not particularly comfortable with normally, I rely nearly exclusively on my very purposely small circle of friends to help me with everything from a beer on a Thursday night to life-altering decisions that need to be made sooner rather than later.

I am not ashamed for what I felt or for the actual reaching out. No, in fact I a quite proud of myself for doing it, and for following through with phone calls I just made to professionals this very morning to set things into motion to get me the help that I need in a more direct way. I am not exactly what one would call good at that last part, so it gave me a warm fuzzy or two to know that I did a good and that the good was actually for me.

Today Ia m at odds with things because it appears that I have hit a bit of a temporary writers block with all of the delightful people I have introduced you to over the last few weeks. I am not at a loss for words, no, in fact I have a preponderance of them and I am just having a little trouble trying to figure out what goes where. It is a problem that as a writer I love to have and I am sure I will sort things out in the next few days, although I can say now that the schedule thing is out the window because some characters need more developing and that means more chapters than others to whom the development is being purposely left at a slow burn.

I will spend the better part of today figuring out and maybe story-boarding a few dozen ideas and meshing them all, and all the things that go with that.

Sound based things are also on my mind. Podcast thoughts and reading things thoughts and I will try to get a little something done today to at least see if there is any interest in what I actually make as opposed to wonderful friends telling me that in theory it would be a good plan. No promises, but we shall see what develops over the course of the day. I mean, I do love to talk which I guess means at some level I have to at least kind of like the sound of my own voice, right? Maybe I will do some Tennyson, bitches love Tennyson.

So yeah, that is that and I want to take a second and thank everyone who reached out to me after I posted Sunday morning. You are all loved in return and I will someday figure out what a schmuck like me did to deserve all of you.

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