What follows is an account from an incident that occurred at «REDACTED» on «REDACTED», 14 20XX.

For the purposes of security, names have been kept the same to acknowledge the fucking guilty.

He never showed up. On all the days he could have fucking bailed on his daughter he chose «REDACTED»? That, Gentle Readers, is a class fucking act. Missing the «REDACTED» of his «REDACTED»? Who the fuck does that? WHY would you do that?

Still, now I hope the Crimson Princess takes apart the Light in him as he did to «REDACTED». I hope She rips him limb from motherfucking limb ad devours the dark chunk of dead wood that is his fucking heart.

Yes, Crimson Princess. All of the Circus will be there to see the Tarot come to life and dance in the Courtyards Of Damnation as «REDACTED» judges with laughter in their voice and the darkest hate of revenge on their lips.

We have all seen what happens when you are asked who you serve by the Fisher King. Now, we will see what you will gag out as you die when you are questioned at last by the Vermillion Goddess and the retinue She carries with her always and everywhere.




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