An Abundance Of Caution

An Abundance of Caution.

I have come to hate that turn of phrase in the last forty-eight hours. I hate how it is neatly hypocritical and perfectly correct in the same way. I hate how no matter what, it always cuts you like a knife even as you try to hold it against you as a shield.

Let me back up a bit.

My two littlest ducks are what are considered high-risk and medically fragile by various health authorities who are, admittedly, far smarter than me. Their issues dictate that they are placed in these categories for their own good and that by being in these categories, they are theoretically safer because of the protections offered them.

I am grateful for these measures and I am by no means complaining that they are in these particular groupings in the slightest. Let me make sure that is understood. I have no problems with how the various Departments of Health from the local to the national level have assessed and listed them. What I have a problem with is what I, Me, James, Bear, Myself, cannot do that they can.

My Elder Duck’s school just transitioned to home-based learning effective immediately. There were no confirmed or even suspected cases of COVID-19 at his school. They did this out of, as you probably guessed by now, An Abundance of Caution. I respect, applaud and wholeheartedly approve of this measure and any other move that will keep my babies as healthy and safe as possible.

In the wisdom afforded them by the Goddess, the county I live in has decided now to close the school districts, including the largest of them, which my ducks are all enrolled in. I watched a news conference where a man sat for about an hour and effectively said the same thing over and over again using slightly different forms of emphasis on the words he was speaking. I counted, and I started long after he did, fifty-three instances where he used the words “Department Of Health”. Now while I agree that the schools should not unilaterally decide to close whenever they want to in a situation like this, when entire states, ENTIRE STATES, are closing their schools, perhaps they could, they being the Council of Superintendents and the aforementioned Department of Health, could look a little farther afield to seek the answers that I cannot imagine are easy to ascertain in a situation such as this.

Now we come to my dilemma.

Legally, in the state I live in, there is no legal recourse for me to keep my children home out of an abundance of caution. There is no way that I can do this without falling into the category of a neglectful parent and possibly have all sorts of authorities at my doorstep within, literally, hours of me making this particular decision.

I understand it is important for children to go to school. I also understand that purposely holding them out of school is a form of neglect.

However, what I do not understand is why I cannot use my rights as a parent to keep my children home in the face of a pandemic. Especially when the Dump-Truck scouring Cheeto-Faced-Shit-Gibbon who runs my particular country seems to be okay with people below a certain income stratum dying because they cannot afford the insane prices for the tests that will tell them if they have this thing, never mind the costs of all of the things that are associated with the actuality of contracting it.

I will follow the local, state, and federal laws because losing my children to any of those entities a thing that simply will not happen. I just needed to say words and get this all of my chest.


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