Sometimes It Is Actually Nice To Remember The Forgotten Things

It was a weird night, I woke up and fell asleep at least three distinct times, none of those times have less than a half an hour of being awake in between them. That’s not including the times where you just roll over and adjust the blanket or a half a thousand other things we do in the middle of the night when we’re asleep

I’m sitting down here, it’s a little after 9, and I’m the only one in the house awake to my knowledge. I’m perfectly content in this piece of knowledge and I am hoping it will last as long as possible. Not because I don’t want to see anybody, but because I just enjoy quiet when I know I’m not alone. I love being alone in a room but I hate being alone in the house.

I’m probably going to write some deep and psychologically self-damaging thing later on today, but for now I thought I’d just write some chillaxing piece of, well, whatever this is, and just go on with the day. not everything has to be this great epiphany, and it has taken me years to understand and accept that fact is it truth.

The fact that there’s no one downstairs is also why I’m able to talk into my phone right now to write this, as opposed to writing on the keyboard. I don’t know if you’ve noticed when I use my voice over when I type, but I feel that it flows much more naturally because it’s almost like I’m talking to somebody as opposed to writing trying to emulate like I’m talking to somebody.

I went to bed last night with a killer migraine, it felt like the entire left side of my face was swollen, which in fact, after taking a picture, I found that it actually was. I can’t tell you why, most likely has something to do with allergies. I will not exactly say I’m okay, but I am in a lot less pain than I was last night. Sometimes that’s all I can ask for after taking the 14 pills that I took, most of which I can’t take again for at least another 12 hours.

I am having these really delightful flashback memories of spending time with certain friends and certain places over the years. There is no trigger or cause for this, but it’s really amazing what you think you forgotten and then the level of detail that comes up.

For example, I was just remembering a time I went to the public market with my best friend. I can vividly recall every step we took together, and the box of things I was carrying getting heavier and heavier as they put things into it. Mind you, I think I just ordered like 50 lbs of organic beef, so that one’s on me. Then, to save Terry trying to find somewhere to park, we kind of ran and dove into the car on the street so we could cut 20 minutes off of the end of the trip. Like I said, it’s amazing what you can remember.

So now, in a hopeless attempt to remember how to use Microsoft’s flagship product, I’m going to go and try and make things work that have no business working together oh, you know like Donald Trump in the federal government.

I love all of you, and as each day goes by, I remember and realize why I love each one of you as much as I do.

And as always, until next time, I bid you peace.

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