Inner Heart

Read This. Understand This.

Lastly for the day, let me just espouse some things that I need to say. Not having anything to do with my little munchkin’s birthday, but definitely to do with my, and all of your, children.

We are in the middle of a global pandemic, a term that I thought that I would personally only use in terms of reading, writing and that stupid video game where you always get fucked in Iceland because of the cold. I never thought I would be walking into supermarkets with a mask on my face, going into the post office and seeing a queue of people forty feet long because of distancing, or have my children absent from the last quarter of the school year completely.

Aside from the megalomaniac, pumpkin-cunt, poster boy for birth control we at the helm, the entirety of the masses of entitled fucking twat-waffles with the idiotic mask theories, stupid racism banter, and the ever-popular blame it on the other side technique has made it over A HUNDRED THOUSAND of people in this country have died and MILLIONS have become unnecessarily infected. Now, apply those statistics to any other negative in the history of the country and tell me how well the president is doing. I’ll wait.

State and Local governments, as well as the even more local school districts, have the unenviable task of trying to decide whether it is both safe and moral to open the schools in the fall and me, and some of you, have the absolute terrifying decision to make on whether to send our children, our BABIES, into this potential disaster area of infection, sickness, and yes, death.

I will listen to Science. I will mask. I will distance. I will quarantine and isolate. Yes, I miss my people more than I thought I would ever be able to. Yes, I want to hug them like there is nothing left in the world for me to do but precisely that. Yes, it sucks. Yes, I want to go to a bar. Yes, I miss the stupid little things. Yes, I want my children gone. YES, they want to be gone.


No, I will not ignore data. I will not. If I am told by science they should not go, they will not go. If morality tips the scale at the end if science happens to be 50/50, I am perfectly aware of, and determined to make the decisions that are best for not just my family, but for all of yours.

Take the day, love everyone you can love. Do it in the name of my little squirt if you want a reason.

Stay safe.

I love you all.

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