This is me, JameyBear

Three Of A Bunch, Using A Village

I remember his, Goddess, 2nd? Birthday? Everyone came over and we gave him chocolate for the first time. It was amazing because there was this incredible sense of camaraderie and community. The Village raising the Child.

I love my friend’s children, each one of them I have been honored to know and they have all grown, or are growing, into these incredible young people that have this infinite amount of potential within them. They have literally held me as I cried and took care of me as opposed to the children being taken care of by the adults.. I have held them in the Darkness of their own lives and in those moments I wasn’t mom’s friend Jamey anymore, I became the one you BroHug or the Bruncle Bear.

They are not my children, but I will love and protect them like they are. I will go to them in an emergency, I will never have my doors locked to them, I will give them anything they that they need because THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE FUCKING SUPPOSE TO DO. I don’t care if you subscribe to “Love Thy Neighbor” or the ever-popular “Don’t Be A Dick” of Wheaton’s law. You are supposed to take care of them, love them, nourish, and watch them fucking THRIVE.

Love the People you are blessed with in your life, yes even those that don’t love you back. Don’t be a doormat, don’t be an ATM, don’t make the mistakes of trusting out of a feeling of acceptance. No, choose your loves carefully indeed, but those that you do choose, love them as you have never loved yourself because you will never love yourself as much as you love a child. Yes, even if the child is in their 20’s, or is acting like a colossal tool, or makes decisions you disagree with.

I am sure you were all angels.

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