What is the opposite of writer’s block? I have so many things to write about I am honestly freezing and deleting things because I keep internally coming up with better things to write. It is this really weird feeling that I am not sure I dislike, so what I think I am going to do is just write. Not sorting, not being picky, just write for the love of the craft and see if I can make the world a little better with the few words that I can manage to write down. Or, you know, just get all of this shit out of my head so I can get back to Hindu Mysticism.

Last night I decided to burn some incense, close my eyes and try and meditate. I am not going to say it was a bad idea as much as it simply didn’t work. I have never really been able to tune things out like that but, when I was done, even though I was aware of all the things, I think I felt a bit more relaxed and focused than when I began the exercise. I get told by every shrink I go to that I need to try and do this thing and even my neurologists have suggested that this is a promising idea for migraine relief. Now I don’t know about any of that, but it would be good to stop the maelstrom in my head from time to time and be able to think about what I want instead of the first thing that gets blown in there by this ever-present wind in my head.

It is Spring Break for the Ducks this week and I guess that is a good thing, I mean, I hate being by myself so this is the definition of not being alone, right? I am sure I will be going bat-shit crazy by the end of the week, but for now, I will totally sit back and enjoy the cuteness of the little dude and the non-sequitur conversations from the Elder Duck. Playing with the middle guy and just overall enjoying the company of the people that I love the most in all of the world.

There is a surprisingly large amount of bad Lovecraft movie available on the Internet, did you know that. I happen to dislike Re-Animator, so that leaves me with the art house movies that are very steeped in the story, they just fall short on the visuals, which in a story like At the Mountains of Madness or Call Of Cthulhu, you need in order to tell the story the right way. So, we sat down and watched a movie called Cthulhu, it is a waste of two hours and I beg you, for your sanity and the sanity we have left, do not watch this movie with expectations. It is awesome if you go into it knowing nothing, if you expect it to represent one of the five stores it is trying to mash together, well, you’re fucked.

We tried to watch Godzilla movies, but the channel on Roku we were watching it on decided that syncing the sound and the movie were things that didn’t need to happen. Now, while you don’t watch a Godzilla movie, especially the early ones, for their sterling commentary on social affairs, you do want to know why the person is screaming with the pictures on screen is a dude drinking tea. So, yeah, three tries later and we switched over to Tubi and watched this thing called Monster. Not bad I guess Typical found footage genre movie. Shaky camera work, vaguely defined plot, but you know that going in so it is okay They showed the damn monster, at least chunks of it, so you had an opportunity to see why there was such a freak out in the middle of central Tokyo. The last film of the weekend was a Netflix original called Silence. Fantastic plot idea, however, I was not able to watch all of it because the wee lad decided that screaming his throat raw over a perceived slight of his older brother was a better idea.

I went upstairs and watched a dude play Total War: Warhammer for six hours or so before finally falling into a dreamless sleep. I woke up and looked to my right and, to my awkward surprise, it appears that apparently in the middle of the evening, without my knowledge, there was a moment where the dresser fell over. Not really a big deal until I continued my survey and discovered the thing was laying on my leg, and presumably had been for quite some time. There is a delightful explosion of bruises from the knee down and a nice crown of cuts at the top of said bruises. Yay for me.

Incoherent Babbling Over.

Brother Bear out.

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