Two cups of coffee later and I can tell that I am going to have a headache for the rest of the day. Not an evil one mind you, but bad enough to make me feel like I am going to throw up and fall over all day. I solve this problem by sitting down and concentrating hard on the inside of my eyelids. No, not sleep, if I get any sleep this afternoon I will sleep for shit tonight, and I will wake up at a quarter to four tomorrow morning even pissier than I usually am.

I will not be writing stories today, and I think I am going to keep weekends to myself from now on. It gives me time to decompress and flesh out some of the material before I throw it up here a half a thousand words at a time. I am going to try and get the three major stories I am writing at least two updates a week. Every day is too much, and once a week, making me feel creatively constipated. We will see how the thought goes anyway.

This upcoming week is a travel week for Terry so I will have to force myself to get my children off to school because I am clinically depressed and despise being alone for absolutely any reason whatsoever, even if that not being alone means one of my children is sleeping upstairs. Phobia? Fuck if I know, I don’t like to be alone. Sue me.

I am going to try and write a lot of the people that I know an email next week and communicate with them more directly. Nothing earth-shattering in the revelations department, but it is better than yelling at them randomly via text message or trying to comment on a thing they post to make them remember me somehow.

This writing is purely because I want to kill time between now and twelve when the pre-game shows start and I can listen to music really loud and, because of some weird acoustic science I am sure someone smarter than me can explain, I feel less nauseous and dizzy when I am making myself go slightly deafer with every passing moment. I will take deaf over compulsively vomiting because I had the audacity of character to stand up and try to take a piss on my schedule.

Getting back to the stories for a minute, I think that the stories just flowed nicely yesterday, I am quite pleased with them and, well, yeah, Ia m proud of myself and i am not that very often so I thought I would make a little announcement about a positive thing instead of the delightful self-hatred I make you all wade through on any given day.

Awkward segue to the indictment of schism religious groups.

I was talking to people yesterday and I have decided, not that I am an expert by far, that whoever translates the original Septuagint from Greek into English for a specific cult we all know I cannot stand must have been getting paid a lot of money in crazy dollars to make some of the words so very different than words that not only have I translated myself from Greek into English, but that people for thousands of years before me have translated in the same way. Funny that.

Segue without awkwardness to the serial killer film franchise.

Saw, the soundtrack to the movie correctly, is a beautiful motivator when I can not quite point the finger at what I need to listen to, if you listen to Hello Zepp, the video below, you will note that it nearly automatically makes your brain think things and that is a beautiful thing, and I want you all to know that I think of every one of you while I listen to the theme for a serial killer movie.


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