I am pretty sure that today would have been my grandparents 74th wedding anniversary. I may be way off, but with the math, I am doing in my head, which I am notoriously bad at, the number makes sense to me. It was never a big deal, well, it was, kind of.

See, St. Paddy’s took precedent in our family. Not just because of the Feast of ol’ Padraig, but because with very few exceptions, their anniversary fell during Lent and to say you are not supposed to be happy during Lent is an understatement. You can read about the shell game I think Lent is, but seeing as you aren’t allowed to do things like eat meat on Lent, at least in my family, it was total sacrilege that my grandmother would cook, truly, like 60 lbs of corned beef for the 20+ people that would be at her house every year. Potatoes and cabbage and all things Irish.

We would go to Church because of course, we would, and my grandparents would sit next to one another and in a way, very quietly renew their vows during the mass and that is how they celebrated each and every year. After that, it was Paddy’s and there was happiness and more Jameson and Guinness than was proper in the world.

See, that’s Catholic.

God before…anything.

I have decided not to go on a diatribe this morning as I am quite happy and will simply say that was lame, big time lame.

Naomi and I would make a huge deal out of our anniversary because, well, you are supposed to. You are celebrating the best thing that has ever happened to you and you are supposed to be jubilant about it.

You are not supposed to sit in Church for six hours on a fucking Saturday and listen to some priest drone on in Latin about a weakly put together metaphor about snakes and Ireland and every one looking at one another like slobbering dogs waiting to get to the gallons of liquor they have just a few short blocks away.

Irish Catholic and we still had to listen to the goddamn papists in their fucking Latin…

So, about that no diatribe thing…

Today a day of joyous celebration and love. Screw Paddy, He wasn’t Irish, didn’t like green, went on a pogrom against paganism and was not particularly well-liked in his time outside of the blessedly ignorant Mother Church.

So raise a pint today, smile in your tomfoolery, love and laugh and smile and sing and know that the world is strange and there are love and joy found in the smallest places.

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