I Am Rather Proud Of That Last Sentence

Normally I would write about the hypocrisy of the Church on one of its most popular “Let’s Celebrate Ethnic Cleansing” days, but the situation being what it is, I will have to pass that honored tradition on to others this year. I think I will spend a few, too few I’m afraid, minutes telling you why I am absolutely terrified nearly every waking moment of the day as of late, and why sleeping has become more of a challenge than a scheduled activity I actively participate it.

I am not afraid of catching the virus, me and mine are practicing social distancing and proper hygiene to make sure the things we may come in contact with do not hurt us as much as they could without these steps. We are #StayingTheFuckHome and not doing anything other than testing how much mileage I can really get from my Netflix subscription during the crisis at hand.

No, why I am scared is because of the rather dystopian, lackadaisical, and idiotic response the federal government of the country I live in has put forth so far. From denial to blatant racism, trying to buy a company working on a vaccine to every other stupid thing that the Trump administration has done and not done. No, no I don’t think I could do better, but yes, yes I do expect the people who run the country I am in to do a whole hell of a lot better than they have been as of yet, don’t you?

More so than Captain SqueezyCheese I am scared because there are pictures of THOUSANDS of people going to the beach. FUCKING THOUSANDS. I don’t know if they are aware, but thousands are generally accepted to be a large gathering of people in the common lexicon and they are going to kill people with the delightful excuse of, “Well, it isn’t going to hurt me.” No, no it very well might not. It might hurt my children, some of my best and closest humans though. I mean, that doesn’t matter because it isn’t you, right?

Hubris is defined as excessive pride or self-confidence. For all of those hip-deep in the ocean with the other plague bearers, I am pretty sure that they will put respiratory or pulmonary failure as your cause of death, but hubris is what it would truly be if the world were just, you narrow-minded, self-centered, sociopathic fucknoodle.

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