Echo? Echo? Someone Pay Attention To Me?

So I got up his morning a little after four. I sat in bed and fiddled with my phone for a bit, was awkwardly terrified by the cat that was suddenly in my lap and realized that I am no longer able to navigate in the dark as I slammed my foot into the wall at what I consider a considerable fraction of the speed of light. I hobbled my way down the stairs to wake the teenage mass of blanket on the couch, coffee was made and I have been sitting here ever since listening to bad techno music and good classical music and, yes, a combination of both of them. How else can you truly listen to Fur Elise and feel both your forgotten teenage angst and sweet, melodic harmony of peace wash over you? I have had more coffee, and am having even more as we speak.

I am trying to find the words for writing things, well things that aren’t this, a little today and from the rumor I hear, it is Friday, and while that is not exciting in and of itself for me, I know I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow morning to wake up the aforementioned teenage mass for schooling things. Which means I might be able to get him to do the dishes the night before and not have to do them myself. I may be the dad and all, but no one enjoys doing dishes. No one. Fight me.

We will most like binge-watch more Supernatural, I mean we have watched seven seasons in like three weeks, and fill the days with idle chatter about things that matter just enough to be brought up in conversation, or at least things we hope anyone else in the room will be interested enough in to comment on. Most likely I will sit on the couch and write things, the two littlest guys will do their thing, the teenage blanket will play video games and Terrysaurus will be the sage man we can all but hope to become when we are allowed to be his age.

In short, I am bored and there is very little I can do to alleviate this particular condition without doing stupid things which I refuse to do because, well, they’re stupid, see. I can read more, which has been a goal of mine for a bit anyway, so that is a doable goal. I can try as hard as I can to believe the world is not about to end in fire and chaos, I mean for the sake of the kids if nothing else. What else? I suppose I could try and count how many somethings are on another something? I mean, that could be fun.




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