It is delightfully quiet in my house right now.

Terry is still gone, the two little guys are at summer school, Elder Duck is upstairs cramming To Kill A Mockingbird into his head, and I am left alone down here in the quiet of just my fingers on the keys and the air conditioner in the window loudly whistling in cold air.

I have very little to do today other than picking up a few things here and there and writing a few emails. Yesterday was an evil day for me in terms of the day ending headache. I had plans when I went upstairs to read, and the like and what I did was curl up into a ball and hope the pain went away. I am happy to report that it did, to a point, do precisely that, and I am not relatively pain-free, or at least as much as I get.

I have both a neurologist and a sleep study appointment in the next week, which I truly hope will help me with so many things. I don’t want to have to wear a CPAP, but Goddess if it helps just a little bit, then I am on board in spades. I have a feeling I will get at least one new medication at the neurologist and most likely a doubling of the dose of another. It was unwanted. However, it was far from unexpected to be sure.

Writing a fair chunk already this morning, I will admit my fingers are a wee bit sore, and I will keep this a little shorter than I might on average, and that is okay. It isn’t a constant rush to see how much I can write, and it is all about draining away the things in my head to allow myself to focus on other things.

I’ll leave you with Green Day because I can.



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