Note: I literally stopped writing because I was s pissed off. Hence this is why it looks unfinished. I don’t do that, so, I suppose I should apologize.

Now, I am not necessarily calmer, but I am listening to beautiful Gaelic music with words that remind me of my Gran and I am as good as I am going to get for a bit, so I think it is time to unpack something from my brain space and air them out and see if I really want to put them back in there or not. It will be a long and rambling thing, and I am mostly doing it for me look at later with a somewhat more critical eye, but I implore you to send me a message if you think you see a thing in my logic that is flawed, or even better, if you see the things I see as flaws as something else.

Over the last two weeks, there have been attacks, physical attacks, on the women in my innermost circle of People. They are, thank the Goddess, physically safe from these people, and there will be no further incidents involving the perpetrators of these vile incidents.

My People have been attacked.

See that there. That little statement makes my blood boil with that toxic masculinity you read about everywhere, and it is true. Me big, Me Bear, Me Man, Me Protect. Ultimate Lizard Brain thinking to be sure. I will not try to deny that part of me, I will merely tuck it back into the Darkness from whence it came and move on to more productive lines of thought. It is there, it is watching me with hungry eyes, and I know it needs to be sated in some way before it will lay back down and give me my rest.

I am a pacifist, I always have been at heart. I am a walking, talking, version of the hippie most people make fun of. From my barely-there hair to my love of patchouli and my ability to recite almost every protest song from the sixties while on a variety of narcotics. I see the world through rose-colored glasses that are permanently affixed to the front of my face. I cannot see the shades of black and gray, or maybe it is that I do not choose to see them, either way. I want to tell my children that the world is a grand and glorious place but, alas, we live in a toxic waste dump of hatred and greed that is ruled over by oligarchs and marionette masters of exceeding talent. I want to tell them they can anything be anything, go anywhere. i also need to make them aware that students in this country alone are carrying $1.56 trillion in student debt, or that the leader of our country is a xenophobic racist rapist with absolutely no regard for the property, rights or lives of any person on the earth that he is not told to care about from his masters on high.

Yeah, it’s that kind of writing.

Between racism so blatant that literal Nazi’s are given more freedoms than actual fucking human beings to the whitewashing of America by the New Fuhrer, I don’t know what the fuck to do. I listened to stories of WWII at the knees of both of my grandfathers, and I always knew that we dodged a bullet because we were the better people for not thinking such things about human beings.

……Now we put kids in cages and say before a Judge that kids don’t necessarily need toothbrushes and soap when they are detained by Customs and Border Patrol. We tell citizens of this country who happen to be brown that they need to go back to where they came from. We tell people that Nazi’s are friendly people too.

I could write until my motherfucking fingers cramped, and I wouldn’t cover the things said this month alone. THIS. MONTH. ALONE.

This is the world we are giving to our children? A boiling planet that a Cheeto-faced shit gibbon has turned into his private amusement park where he gets to play leader while his betters are left begging people not to kill one another just because they have the ability to?

Fuck. This. Shit.

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