So yesterday was kind of a wash with all the plans I had to write and the like. My head decided that it was not going to play nice and I just cruised controlled though as much of the day as I could. It hurts worse today, but I am making myself write at least this thing and all the emails I said I was going to send to people. I will try to do story things, but since I am all by myself, of which I am not a fan, I don’t know how well that is going to work out to tell you the truth. Don’t worry, Midas and Siobhan aren’t going anywhere.

So yeah, Terry is off for the next few days and, and I know this will sound sad, I am kind of proud of myself for getting all three of the Ducks where they needed to go this morning. I usually keep one or two of them home, but realizing my children shouldn’t be used as a security blanket came later to me than it probably should have, as in I decided to send them all about ten minutes before that thing happened this morning.

One cup of coffee today, I want more, but with my head the way it is and no one here, well, let’s not take any chances we don’t need to. I can not foresee myself having a stroke, but then again, how many people wake up saying that is there plan for the day?

One thing other than the writing I am going to do today is a meeting I have here at the house when the boys get home. It should be a simple thing, but I am not a fan of people who are not my people being around me and my people pretending to be my people so they can report on my people to their people. That came out a bit darker than intended, but I don’t like it is all.

All that having been said, I am going to try and do the things and get the stuff and yay and huzzah and stuff.


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