I Dunno

Dude….No Idea

So, I wrote a whiny thing earlier, so let’s pick the fucking mood off the ground, dust it off and give it a shot or three and see what we can to salvage the day in the most awesome way possible.

Or, you know, not mope.

There are very few things that I do every day that I do badly. Now, before you jump on my shit, listen again. Of the things I choose to do daily, I tend to be fairly proficient at them, one might assume, correctly I may add, that if I were to not be good at them that I would do them far less than every single day. I might even, if you will, choose not to so those things at all that I would most likely fail hard at and make an ass out of myself.

I write every day. I do not always put what I write here on the tubes of the Internet, but I always write every day. It is a habitual thing, if I do not do it, which I can say I have avoided for well over a year, I feel off and the whole day goes to shit. Even if it is just a few words here or there, it is a burden that lifts and the world can go on from there. I have this need to know how many words I write. I don’t know if it is ego of curiosity, but I keep a running tally on everything I write. On the blog here I have a thing that does all of it for me and I can look it up and be up to my little blue bear eyeball in data.


In October, I posted 20,806 words on the blog with an average of 495 words per post. I know that means nothing to you, or that you think it is a show off kind of thing, but no. To me it is a record to see if my desired about of output drops. I have numbers that I want to hit and the total word count and average helps me in all the ways it can with that. So, yeah?

I don’t know what the fuck really, I mean, I wrote this because I wanted to write again and analytics was not the original intent of the thing, if there even was an original intent. It is mostly me blowing off steam from stress and watching Syracuse get their asses handed to them by Notre Dame, whom I loathe.

So in conclusion, I want to be your president and I will give each baby a pot in every kitchen and every housewife a big kiss.

it goes that way right?

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