This week can fuck off and die.

However, on a lighter note I am happy to hear back from people who apparently liked my foray into poetry reading. I was terrified to post that because I have a huge fear of rejection, but hearing positive feedback was a goodness to be sure. Any and all requests will be filled, seriously, anything. I love to read aloud, it is a passion of mine and it is how my Elder Duck learned how to read and how I helped my own little brother learned how to read when the time came.

I think I am going to do a complete recording of The Hobbit. I love Tolkien and he has been my personal favorite since my gran read him to me when I was less than four years old, and if the stories she told me are true, she even read him to me while my mom was resting and I was still in the womb. I have other reasons to read it as well, so I think it is a win-win for everyone involved. Since it will be free and all I am pretty sure I won’t nailed for violating a copyright, and if I do, well, I do.

It is a cold and dark Saturday morning and I am so okay with that it hurts. I can snuggle with my ducks, watch some college football and wait for the inevitability of the oncoming Darkness That Consumes.

Writing. Yes, I have been a tad less diligent as of late. Some deeply disturbing personal things have happened that even I won’t tell the Internet and I have had to focus my efforts elsewhere for the time. Worry not however. I have plans for Nuria and Banazari, The Marquis and Marquess, The Shuffler and Siobhan, and especially the delightful Mothers I have introduced to you.

I have a wicked migraine forming, I am assuming because of weather things in addition to the loathing that the Lord feels when he sees the worthlessness of my soul. it is hovering just between tolerable and throw darts at a board to see how I can rip my own head off without causing too much of a mess. Generally, this time of year for me is better and I don’t get as many, I am truly hoping that my small respite has not been taken from me. If it has, well, it has and I will just have to adapt to yet another new normal.


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