So, there is a thing I want to talk about.

Sex Workers.

I know sex workers, some of them are closer to me than kin. They are real and beautiful souls with their own stories that are beautiful and tragic and unique and humdrum.

Just like everyone else.

I have followed a conversation on Facebook, not known for its open-mindedness towards anything that isn’t compliant to their needs of the moment, and it boggles my mind how man people feel the need to smear their puritanical rhetoric over these souls just because of what they do for a living. This is an environment of toxicity and darkness and people DIE because of these kind of conversations. This isn’t getting fired because they find out you are dating the bartender, no, this is some person assuming you are a whore who never says no and when you do say no they kill you for your audacity in neglecting them the fulfillment of a need they had.

Blessed am I to have friends that are all very evolved in their thinking and do not need to make gorilla noises and pound on their various genitalia for the attention of the one they want to copulate with.

Sex workers are of every stripe, every gender identify, every gender expression, every age and every race. They are not secrets to keep on streets lined with the color mankind associated with danger and evil because of what they have chosen as a profession.

On a quick look one will find this regarding sex work in Puritan America.

“Most of what I’ve gleaned is this, American prostitution was rare and practiced casually rather than through organized set-ups. Taverns as well as the theater were often hubs of prostitution. Once in a while, tavern owners were prosecuted for operating disorderly houses and the penalty was a small fine or a few lashes. In the early 1700s, Cotton Mather, a Boston minister, tried to form a group to oppose brothels, but due to public indifference the attempt was abandoned.”

What can we take away from this?

Firstly, it is clear that people really didn’t care what you did with your body in an age where you could be whipped for nearly anything that you can imagine just because someone wanted it to happen. I will let you look into the sadistic tendencies of puritanical ministers on your own time.

Secondly, when Cotton Mather, who was a big deal by the way, tried to stop it, people didn’t fucking care. These people loved them some Jesus and they simply didn’t care enough.

So, before you interject your opinion into something you are not a part of or have no knowledge of, maybe engage a fucking filter.

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