I am in the Dark a lot of the time. Mostly it is some kind of self-imposed, Catholic guilt reminiscent, spiraling thing, but all that having been said, it is very Dark where I am sometimes. I do not understand why you are in the Dark. How could I possibly know the innermost thoughts of your mind? I can empathize however and, while that is not even a band-aid for the problem, it is at least something that you can look at and know that you are not the only person who thinks of these things.

So while I am not always the best person in the world for this, I would like to offer anyone who reads this something. Now, most of you reading this know this and to a point have done this thing, but in case you haven’t, I am ALWAYS available to talk to. I am a very light sleeper and have a strange obsession with answering texts and emails as fast as I can so they can be gone. I cannot stand a full inbox and will move mountains to answer that which needs answering to make that not be a thing. I don’t care if you do not consider me a “friend”. I am never going to say no to someone who may just need someone to listen, even if they don’t say a word.

I have fucked up a lot in my life, like A LOT. The least I can do is to listen to people who need to say things who may not have their own People with them just then, or maybe who just don’t have people at all just then. All of my info is on this page, and yes I know I will get a lot of spam because of it, but I also write back to them, so it really doesn’t bother me to tell you the truth. I will probably write something a little later, but if I don’t, that’s okay because I wrote this and that is so much more important.

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If you want my phone number to text, just ask man, really.

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