After All The Hand-Wringing, It Is Only Fair I Wash Them Clean

So, I suppose I should say all the things out loud.

The twentieth of June is the darkest day of the year for me. It is a day I am usually intoxicated for the entirety of and I have made wonderful and horrible decisions solely based on that being the day on the calendar.

See it coming?

I have been accused, yes I said the word accused, of making my recent relationship ending decisions based on the fact that it is was, at the time, nearly the time of the year where I don’t particularly do well in the decision-making department when it comes to things. People who know what Ia m talking about, know. The rest of you can be ever curious in your wonder and ignorance because it is a story that doesn’t need to be shared here purely for the sake of telling it. What happened, was a long time in the making. I, nay we, have both been very broken for a very long time and it was time to maybe change that particular situation.

No, the quarantine didn’t help. No, not being able to see one another didn’t help. There are a thousand other factors that went into the decision and none of them had to do with the twentieth day of the sixth month,

Nope, not there yet.

I am not angry with what you are saying, I see your point and while it is an incredibly valid thing in some things, it just happens to be invalid in this particular circumstance is all. I have spoken to you about this and I believe we came to an understanding about the way things were and amicably left the conversation with love for one another.

Here it is.

I am not going to talk about this anymore. Well, Ia m not going to talk about specific details anymore. They are no one’s business that is not intimately involved in the situation, to which I decide the participants are from my end.

Pontius Pilate Hand Washing Complete

However, seeing as this weekend is a significant source of mental strain for me and mine, I will be taking a brief leave of absence that I hitherto have been working on diligently working on daily. I shall return on Sunday and, with any luck, a new perspective will have come over me in some things.

Thank you for all of your love and support, you are so very loved. As always, until next time, I bid you peace.

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