I have been sitting here for a few hours waiting for my computer to do computer things and I have had the unfortunate time to think of the clusterfuck we all seemingly find ourselves in currently. I am not thinking of conspiracy theories, racist and presidential backed anti-Chinese propaganda, I am just thinking of statistics. If any of you know me really well, you know I REALLY have a thing for statistics and it is my primary tool when debating, mostly to my success, sometimes to my very great detriment.

I have been thinking of death rates among different age groups and all sorts of awesome things that would make a madman cry. I haven’t been obsessing, not in the way I can, but just looking at number after number and a thought occurred to me that the scientists in the room may appreciate.

I have no idea what most of this fucking shit means in the larger picture of the world. I can look at scary numbers from Place A but Place B has the exact opposite. I am not a doctor nor am I even a statistician, in fact, I am just a guy who writes, cries more than he wants to, roars at bad things and will do anything to protect the Ducks.

Science is for scientists. Not for politicians who are weaponizing things they don’t understand, not for economists who are reacting to things that they cannot fathom and not even for scientists whose chosen science is the not the science that is needed here.

One of my closest and dearest friends is a scientist that does this science and when I have really important questions, I ask them if I am dumb. They very gently both say I am not dumb and show me where my errors are and I feel better in the end. Not necessarily because of the information given, this is a pandemic after all, but I at least know I have the correct information on which to base very important decisions on.

There is no point in what I am writing here, no overarching theme. This is me trapped in my house doing the thing I do to bleed off stress. it is both cheaper and more productive than drinking and it is a lot easier to do than try and sleep.

Storytime may or may not come later. It all depends on whether or not I need to try and fight the horde at the grocery store. I suppose the only advantage I have in the store is I can simply hold it above everyone’s head and make them jump for my amusement?

So sit back, relax if you can, blink from your work and know that I too am going absolutely batshit, banana pants, insane.

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